Meet Ray Dell Tubbs, homeless for seven years and
living on the streets of Venice Beach, California.

He’s got stories and insights to bestow about God,
drugs, sex and man’s right in his pursuit of happiness.

But the street life isn't for him anymore. He wants to
make a change and move back to his hometown of
Houston, TX to live under one roof and pay his taxes.

Follow Ray through the streets of LA as he gathers his
welfare, a bus ticket home, some courage, and a new lease on life.

Because he might just get famous.
"A well done portrait of a fringe loser,
a real soul surviving. The film paints a
harsh, objective, and unfiltered look at
the modern'reality TV' Americana we
live in but ignore."
- Mark Pellington (director of The Mothman Prophecies)

"It's wrenching, funny, and scary.
Ray Dell almost doesn't stand a chance."
- Loudon Wainwright III (musician/actor)
You can now subscribe to the Ray Dell Video Blog through iTunes and download episodes from the documentary to your iPod or desktop. I've put a few outtakes, and segments that didn't make the final cut. Check back for more clips as time goes by.

The documentary is available for puchase on DVD through PayPal. It contains more deleted scenes (some classic stories of frostbite, shoplifting, living in abandoned houses, and literally blood on the streets). Plus cool menus. No, really, I mean it. Enjoy it again and again for only $22.00 (includes S & H).

Ray Dell Update

Well, I haven't heard from Ray Dell in over a year. I have no idea where he is or how he is doing. I'd bet dollars to donuts he's "kicking it" somewhere in Venice beach.

Guess who got hit by a car again? Yep. He was on a bicycle, pulled out in front of a car and got hit. He scuffed up his ankle and scared the be-jesus out of the driver. He's okay, but his bike is totalled.

Ray dell is kicking it in a motel these days in West Hollywood. He's been sober again for 6 months and sharing the hotel room with a fortune teller. The same woman in the documentary where he speaks to her on the phone and tells her nasty things in front of his mother.

Well, Ray Dell's "hassle" in selling the DVDs really meant that he was using crack again. He sold the DVDs for more money than he told me. He's up to no good right now. If you see him tell him to get his ass in gear.

R.I.P. Aunt Eva. She passed away suddenly of lung cancer. The doctor gave her a month to live and she decided she didn't wanna fight it. Little Toot will miss his mama.

Haven't heard from Ray for quite some time. I gave him 10 DVDS a few months ago to sell on Venice Beach so he could support himself, but he complained about having to carry them around and didn't want any more. It was "a hassle."

Good news! Ray Dell got a job on Venice beach helping catch shoplifters. He's working for the women who labels rice with people's names. Wow. He seemed proud that he had a job.

Sadly, after a 18 months Ray Dell has moved back to Los Angeles and is now sleeping behind a new building. He had some "words" with his Aunt Eva and decided to leave the trailer park lifestyle. He's looking for some "joker jobs" if you're hiring he can be found somewhere in Venice. His mom is worried about him as she calls me a lot lately.

Ray is currently living a couch-potato lifestyle with his mother and Aunt Eva. He lost his car washing job a year ago by telling the owner off.

He hasn't shaved his beard or trimmed his hair in the last 6 months. And he's wearing his spectacles again.

He's still not made any progress with a new job nor does he have the motivation to venture out.

Send him a vote of support and encouragement via an I’m sure he’d think it was cool, dude.

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Includes deleted scenes, cool
menus and retelling of Ray's car accident and a beautiful nurse he macked on while in serious pain.

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